Atelier K's insight

Perfect blend of contrast with unique color scheme creates a striking atmosphere of stimulation promoting encouragement towards work. The design intent was to create a work environment that was motivating and inspiring; where interaction and collaboration are valued. Jazzy work space to focus on the artistic instinct, an impeccable place to let the creativity flow.

Everything is crisp and precise, avoided anything so cushioned and cozy looking that might temp away from work.

The aim while designing is to keep it minimalist. Fine furniture details have been added for example- handles were avoided by giving a thought to opening detail. Organic forms have been used to break the monotony. No color is the best color so black is used as background for one wall since black is the color which out stands various elements applied on it. Wooden flooring has been provided to reduce the cost of carpet. Every inch of the space is utilized. The width of the platform is kept as minimum as required. Area of the studio is 100sq.ft.which is quite small yet the arrangement of the furniture and various interior objects is satisfactory for its utilisation.

architect k atelier