Wind Orchestra

As purpose of  the podium is to pause to reflect on oneself  and with others, exchange of  ideas, and a calling for a better tomorrow, our space has born out of  a dynamic canvas of  wooden enclosure. The building units of  this pavilion  are stacked modules which have circular elements swinging on axis. As the wind will  hit this canvas, it will mark it's entry by swinging the kinetic elements, creating melody and drama in structure. And we are calling it nothing less than Wind Orchestra.

We have oriented the pavilion along the harbor to maximize the view from inside. As one approaches towards the pavilion the long span of  the terrace acts as horizontal facade. Front facade of  pavilion presents dynamic pattern as the beholder moves towards pavilion. On reaching one is greeted with unobstructed view of  sea, inducing a joyful moment of  discovery.

The concept takes in the idea that we are born out of  nature. The range of  our aspirations coincides with existence itself, few nanometers to millions of  lightyears. And we may, as a species, parish with or because of  nature.The podium is an enclosure and can be perceived as a wavy fabric with openings. It provides the the view of  the sky and sea. This infinite expansion of  sea and sky are the reminiscent of  the whole of  which we are a part.   

Guests will come from various fields where each has devoted her life to understand a specific part of  the whole. Each have understood the world through their specific window. Openings in the structures represent those different windows through which they have seen their part of  whole. Everyone looks through window of  their expertise and reflect upon their field of  vision. And from these various fields of  vision we piece together the whole. And from here comes our collective wisdom and
understanding of  the whole. Whatever window they have chosen to look out and however vast or narrow is their field of  vision, they are serving the society by telling story of  the whole. 

In the given setting of  sea and later forest, the idea of  entering inside a structure, which has inherent fragility, is surreal. It reaches out to every kid inside an adult.The swing of  circular elements by wind is auspicious,  like ringing bells of  a holy place.The tall height of  the structure is conducive of  broader thinking. Structure will create a meditative space in forrest by giving enclosure but allowing in the elements and will mark a harmonious presence in nature. Inside the Wind Orchestra diffused light through tensile fabric sets the serene mood and wind is vocal as it swings the kinetic elements of  modules. Small vibrations in fabric by wind produce binaural hums.
In one module kinetic element swings on a horizontal axis while other cube module has tensile fabric tied along body diagonals. Small modules as repetitive units provide strength and stability and has advantages of easy handling for logistic as well as assembly.  

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