The Heart is where the Home is!

We welcome you to the Mansh abode. When one enters into the drawing room through the wooden door one cannot take off his eyes from the luxurious movables. The upholstery with blues and beiges gives the space a very sumptuous look. The coffered wall adds to the impactful architectural character and charm.  And these panelling instantly transforms the space from being basic to interesting. The furniture respects the requirements of a drawing room. It provides with the most requisite attribute i.e. comfort by not making the space look overcrowded. The glimpse of the entertainment room while relishing a delicacy in drawing room is quite mesmerising. 

Following to this once you get into the living room you can sense an indefinite comfort. The space with its magnificent character enthrals every soul. And now as one proceeds towards the dining table his eyes will scroll past the abstract brass partition. And now it is for sure that the eyes would look again with an intention to project the same detail in its inner screens.

The bedrooms are the most intimate areas. We have taken utmost care in designing them. The window seat allows one to spend quality time in admiring the views. The patchy laminates on the cabinets adds to aesthetics.

The second bedroom astonishes one with the ambience created by the cove ceiling and the colour theme followed in the wardrobes. The designing has been done to match with client’s taste. We tried our best to harness the power to have a unique style that is a total reflection of our client’s individuality.



Come to the beach, Where the sea is blue,

And little white waves come running at you.

A wave comes splashing, over your toes,

You just stand still, and away it goes.

We'll build a castle down by the sea,

And look for shells if you'll come with me.





The central idea of the entertainment room was to simulate the same ambience that one experiences ashore. The ceiling derives inspiration from the rising waves that bend forth in joy. Cozy turquoise upholstery bridges the gap between one’s heart and mind. Blissful sunlight entering through the veiling linens of the French window becomes the first thing to be rejoiced at the start of the day. The gleaming cove lights takes on to the responsibility of providing comfort after the faded daylight. The main wall adorned with hue of green blends in swiftly with the furniture and other elements. Unique bar design meets the clients’ demands of having the main wall as a point of emphasis. The welded ‘cycle lamp’ linked with the bar unit makes the space more enjoyable. It is even functionally sound as it highlights the inside crockeries. Care has been taken to make the space lively and more engaging without compromising with its elegance.

architect k atelier