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ar. Kulveer Singh

Principal Architect

"From a grain sand to diverse projects in the field", Ar. Kulveer Singh played the most vital role in foundation of, "Architect K Atelier". Over the years he headed and worked upon all projects where "hospitality brings ideas into mundane reality ".

He's the leading protagonist and affirms the firm's philosophy and approach to each project to be equally enthusiastically inspiring and motivating. From the journey of each project towards its inclination on Architecture and Construction. Our footprints blends with the building elements of the modern architectural world.

He had served as a visiting jury at SPA BHOPAL and shared the Dice as a Guest Speaker in SAMWAD in BHOPAL, MP 2021 and visiting jury at MANIT Bhopal.

Apart from hustle and bustle of daily routine life, he founds his niche in observing nature as a part of healthy and conscious living within the city.



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