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Architecture never fails to mesmerize us, being it the ancient traditional one or the contemporary one. In the given context, contemporary architecture being a trendsetter in today’s era always strives to draw human attention in numerous splendid ways. GULATI’S RESIDENCE is one of those enchanting and elegant modern style residence built to accommodate two brothers and their respective families. Having a spread on 8000sq.ft. area, the plot comprises of three storeys out of which ground floor is utilized for parking, foyer, entertainment hall, boutique and servant’s room while upper floors are identical in plan having all the habitable rooms with varying balconies and terraces. To provoke a contrasting effect on outer facade, twin plain colour surfaces accompanied by raised paneled wooden surface amidst them are incorporated, keeping the use of colours and materials involved minimal. The large plane rectangular glass windows pacifying the striking effect of the facade at the same time providing exposure to daylight. The balconies on left facade seem to play hide and seek with the visitors as they are embraced with unconventional jaali design, arousing curiosity in outsiders. Fabricated wooden textured grills are used to adorn the middle corner balcony that permit ample amount of light and ventilation and compose serenity in the semi-private space while creepers planted on the terrace parapet wall induce tranquility and add to the aesthetics of the building.

Originating the eye catchy interior that awaits to bring one’s vivacity by exhibiting rich and vibrant use of colours via walls, flooring, furniture and lighting. As far as seen, appropriate use of a substance perform a marvelous job thus abolishing the dinginess of the restaurant through the very crucial element of interior design- “colours”. The walls, embellished with colourful dramatic doors of varying heights unveiling the heritage and culture of Bhopal through photographs, tasked with drawing the eye. Colourful hanging lights of inverted wine glass on plain ceiling are developing a contrast with the scintillating walls and wooden paneled flooring, creating an evocative decorative effect. The wooden furniture further complements the ambience, invoking a blend of traditional practice with the current one. An informal sitting with tables and chairs has been arranged in front of reception area, open for common public. An extra sitting space with sofas, chairs and tables, separated from the public sitting by wooden partition walls at some distance, executed for reserve purposes.

Very much a night space but one that works beautifully at day too. The style is contemporary-modern style but maintains a hot line through selected finishes and color range used. The grandness of the hotel is depicted by the entry itself. The Entrance Lobby is a treat to one's eyes. The double height ceiling with free flow curves & circular hanging lights is a kind of jewel for lobby, welcoming customers. Flow form design of staircase, unique ceiling design and fusion of three layers at the reception - all contribute to a grand entrance. The primary facade of the building is largely glass and is composed as more informal, unique elevation with the use of round glass with colorful lighting. Façade looks appealing with large front round façade glass elevation. To break the monotony of regular shapes and find it unique to see, circular shape is chosen for the elevation of Hotel. Moreover as the location of building is on T junction, elevation can be constantly viewed from the perpendicular road as one travel towards the building.  The elevation also symbolizes an “eye” which seems to be looking forward and create a fresh and welcoming aura in surrounding area.

We wanted this space to take advantage of the architectural elements that already exists. Everything is neutral then suddenly you have a pop of bright orange. The stunning back wall of reception, just try to resist touching it.

For finishes we weren’t going to use all black and steel there are a lot of crisp and lighter surfaces.

Innovative designs lead to achieve new heights in contemporary architecture. Here presenting an excellent example of modern day house which is quite expensive but skillfully built three storey residence that gives the level of luxury it is designed for. Materials like- glass, timber and concrete are used to construct the solid and flexible structure. Use of unique design elements like extended roof, struts connected from roof slab to balcony floor, fabricated grills and jaali patterns make the building look adorable and alluring at the same time, one cannot take his/her eyes off it. Instead of using a monotonous box type structure, the building appeared to be constructed of different boxes of varying heights, combined together to build the structure which creates an interesting built up. The colour scheme chosen for the exterior is quintessential. Only two or three colours have been used which gives a blend of contrast and classy look to the building. The external wall of puja room is furnished with glass fabric in an irregular shape permit the sunlight to enlighten the space. The double height balcony is an attracting feature that creates a semi open space allowing the people inside the house to explore the outside world. Creepers are planted on rooftop and bottom of balcony to impart a soothing effect in the elevation. The building design involved the formation of different zones like- private, semi private, and open to sky allowing the users to celebrate the quality of house. Overall it is an extravagant residence built to fit the needs of a rich man.

The main hotel building is built on a grid pattern which is economically viable and functionally feasible. All other outside built elements are constructed in an abstract/informal manner to create a natural environment. Thus creating a counter effect on the form of hotel building. The plain façade of the building with rectangular glass windows simply defines the modern style of architecture. Inside, Corridor with double sided rooms to both left and right of the building with lifts and staircase at the center and service lifts at both extreme ends, serves the purpose. The reception lobby is of triple height which gives a welcoming entrance with folded roof which increase the curiosity of the visitors. The roof of bar is specifically designed- just the inverted form of sloping roof, forming valley at the center and ridges at the ends with reflecting glass panels at both ends. The built form is seems to be blended with landscape and banquet lawns. Main elements are- spa, gym, banquet halls, banquet lawns, rooftop club and swimming pool, roof top restaurant, terrace restaurant, bar/cafeteria, rotary with  sculpture and podium parking. The hotel building hosts 72 rooms in 4 respective floors, i.e. 18 per floor, 9 on the front side and 9 on the rear side. At all, it serves it purpose in an economical yet functional and comfortable way.

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