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A commitment to follow heart to

Explore, Create, Nurture & Enrich

And this is how a journey started on the path of architecture. Now we have come quite a long way and there is no turning back.

Architect K Atelier is a Bhopal based architectural firm driven by global sharing of research, local knowledge and national practice with deep social and cultural understanding of the communities we design for. We live in an interesting time where material things are arguably better than they have been before, cities are changing at their own pace to respond to greater density, better connectivity and efficiency. Atelier believes that the world must  share its rapidly growing knowledge of the new urbanization and architectural solutions to the needs of clients .The idea of rationality and simplicity is in several details, as much in the geometric form as in the choice of materiality of project .Like every client is different , every project is unique in its own way. Our aim is to shape each thought and create something compartmental yet strong and solid enough that withstands the demands of the clients and projects location but porous enough to filter comfort and functionality. We are diverse by design. Each project includes architects that understand and respect the social and cultural needs of the local community they are designing for. We deal with different types and kinds of projects like residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and administrative sectors. Above everything we encourage creative solutions and creative thinking. We also deal with interior design projects. We never stop pushing boundaries ,implementing the latest innovation and technical expertise in every new project we undertake.

Every project narrates a different story.
And each story is just the reflection of client’s brief.

Your spaces define you and allow us to define your Space.

Welcome to the atelier

Meet The Team


Kulveer Singh


Ashirvaad Tripathi


Pihu Jain

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